November 12th, 2010

The wasteland–Part two

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Reading this for a second and third time, and also going over it in class really helped my understanding this poem.  For instance the ideas that we went over such as the lack of spirtualization, the real vs the unreal, and spiritual isolation are some really heavy things packed up into this long, lyrical poem.

I particularly liked the part of the poem called, The Fire sermon.  When I first read it, I got the fact that it was about two people having a random sexual encounter, and I was kind of surprised when the woman remarked on how glad she was that it was over.  Looking at it now, I can see how the idea of spiritualization can be factored in.  This part of the poem is all about lust, the perversion of love.  It would be one thing if the woman in this part of the poem was dating this man, or if they had some kind of intimate connection, but they don’t.  They base thier relationship on a hormonal induced happiness and don’t really know each other at all.  So when the two of them finally seperate, they are both completely alone again.

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