November 13th, 2010

April 8, 1928– the ending

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I don’t know about the ending.  I kind of liked it, but it seemed weird to me.

I was expecting maybe to hear Caddy’s voice in the last section, but the third person narrator wasn’t bad.  It was a way of looking at the  bigger picture.  It was a way to see the daily life of these characters through the eyes of an outsider and it made it seem more real to me. We can see the house and the people for who they really are without thier biases and opinions and maybe now we can get the real story of whats going on.

I especially liked the fact that Miss Quentin and Luster joined forces at the end in order to get back at Jason.  Quentin gave Luster the quarter he desperately wanted to go see the show and Luster helped Quentin steal the money that was rightfully hers and get away without Jason realizing.  Both Luster and Quentin have been victimized by Jason in a way, and they get back at him in the perfect way, by stealing the money he had stole for all those years.  It seemed to me like Jason was obsessed with this money over all and I loved that Quentin got away with it.  It really stuck it to her uncle.

This section really illuminates Dilsey’s character.  She is in every section of the book, and she is always doing good.  Her goodness and love is starkly contrasted with everyone elses.  She is the only person who shows any kind of love in this book except for Benjy’s love for Caddy, Quentins desire for Caddy, and Caddy’s desire to see her daughter.

I was kind of dissapointed that we didn’t get to hear from Caddy because I thought it would be great to get her point of view.  After all that happens to her or even because of her, I thought it would great to have things more clarified from her.  I would have loved to see her p.o.v on things like her relationship with her brother Quentin, her husband, Quentin’s father, her life, and where the hell she gets all that money.

I thought the very ending was really interesting.  The fact that it was so general, so every day was a weird way to end everything.  It’s almost as if even though all these terrible things have happened to this family, life goes on.  There is a certain routine that continues through everything.

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  1.    beverly gross said,

    on November 14th, 2010 at 8:23 pm

    Your last two days must have been staggering. You managed to redeem a month’s work. And fairly well at that.

    Just curious: after a rather good beginning this term you hung up your hat for the last four weeks. How come? And was catch up in any way rewarding. We should talk.

    Shall we say for the second evaluation a check and a half?

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