November 13th, 2010

June 2, 1910– “If it had been cloudy…”

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I think this paragraph is really important to Quentin’s section.  It really gives a feel for the tone of this section.  When one is able to break down thi paragraph, maybe it woud help to understand Quentins need for suicide.

“If it had been cloudyI could have looked out the windowdy, thinking about what he had said about idle habits.  Thinking it would be nice to  for them down at New London if the weather held up like this.”

I think that this part is about the reoocuring mention of time throughout this section.  Quentin doesn’t want to know what time it is.  He has his broken watch set to a certain time, the time he is to leave the world.  He does not want to know about time until then.  He is afraid that if he looks out the window, that he will see the sun, and he will be aware of time.  That is why he says, if it had been cloudy, he could have looked out the window.  If it had been cloudy, he would never have been able to tell what time it was.

“The mouth of the brides, the voice that breathed.  She ran right out of the mirror, out of the banked scent.  Roses.  Roses.  Mr. and Mrs. Jason Richmond Compson announce the marriage of.”

This part I think refers to Caddy, considering she is the only person who gets married in the novel and its a direct reference to brides.  Plus, Mr. and Mrs. Jason Richmond Compson are Caddy’s parents.  I believe the fact that he sees her running right out of the mirror is because he is reflecting about seeing her through a mirror.

“Roses.  Not virgins like dogwood, milkweed.”

This part I believe is commenting on the status of Caddy’s virginity.  He keeps talking about roses in this paragraph.  Roses are red, and the color of sin and impurity.  He states that she has roses, not virginal flowers like Milkweed or dogood.  I think this is a direct link to  Caddy’s impurity.

“I said I have commited incest, Father I said.  Roses.  Cunning and serene.”

I think this has to do with Quentins obsession with his sister Caddy.  Looking at this section closely, it almost seems as though Quentin is sexually atrracted to his sister.  Considering how he is so obsessed with what she’s doing, who shes doing it with, and her not being a virgin, it can clearly be assumed that he wants her all for himself.  He even says incest in this part of the paragraph which could lead one to think this is true.  In fact, it could be the reason why he wants to kill himself.

“If you attend Harvard one year, but don’t see the boat race, there should be a refund.  Let Jason have it.  Give Jason a year at Harvard.”

This seems like something Quentin wouldn’t normally say, and that Jason wouldn’t normally do  I think that he is actually refering to the money he would get from the refund.  I think he would want that to go to Jason.

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