December 7th, 2010

Brave Orchid–

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Ok, so these sections really explains a lot about Kingstons mothers background and who she really is.  I origonally th0ught that Kingston’s mother was a Chinese woman who took the beliefs of her people to heart and condoned the treatment of thier women, but it seems that is not the case at all.

I like the fact that her mother took something so tragic in her life, (the death of her two children and the absense of her husband), and turned it into something good by going off to the school to become a doctor.  Kingston takes a lot of time describing her mother’s experiences at school, especially the night she slpet in the haunted room.

I think that the episode with the ghost really speaks to the bravery represented in Kingston’s mother.  She is someone who while having faced many hardships in life is not willing to give up.  She is someone who will fight tooth and nail for her life and the lives of her friends and even what she thinks is right.  I think that Brave Orchid being shown as such an important person in China, even though she is a woman, is also important.  She is a woman, yet she is treasured among the chinese as possinbly the greatest doctor they have ever had.  Because of this she has reputation and money and even a type of authority or power that women in China did not have.

In the section, At the Wstern Palace, really shows how loving and loyal she is to her family.   Kingston’s mother is the one who sends for her sister to come to America while her husband has given up on her and obtained a new family.  She pushes Moon Orchid to do what’s right and demand to see her husband and take what is rightfullyhers.  This characteristic of someone who must fight for what is right seems to be a constant theme in all the sections thus far.  It seems as though they need in Mazine to fight may have stemmed from her mother, a woman origonally thought to be someone who would back down under the constraints of her husband.

In this section however, we can very clearly see just how much Brave Orchid loves her family.  While she yrges her sister to figth back against her conving husband, she urges only because she wants her sister to be happy.  Even after her sister begins to go mad, Brave Orchid still cares for her and tries help her understand what she believed was not actually true.  She even had the children in on it.

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